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LOL! [03 Feb 2007|08:20pm]
In chatting with a new RP buddy, we got to talking about kids. I have 'em, she wants 'em. I was scrolling way back on my friends page to see if I missed any reply comments, and ran across this total gem, linked my new buddy to it as a warning. And then I remembered I never shared this gem from shopping last week, coz I'm way too flakey to make it from the store to the journal still remembering a story:

Thurs was hanging out in the cart pretty docile while I shopped, but as we waited in line she took an interest in my purse. Wanted to write my check for me, I'm sure. She finds my cell phone instead, and is trying to pull off the pseudo-antenna (it's just a rubber tip that pops off with enough strength). Robert rings to find out what the hell is taking us so long (long lines and wrestling a baby for an expensive electronic have something to do with it). Thurs refuses to give back the phone, and opens it herself, like she's watched us flip it open a million times. Screams "PEEKABOO!" at the display screen, then babbles at her daddy while holding the phone at arm's length and alternately wrestling away from my attempts to take it back. It's like we broke out the circus act to entertain those long lines, right?

I really don't journal about the kids enoug, do I?
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RL hiatus [03 Nov 2006|10:54am]
LJ is just exhausting. I'm taking a break from it, and giving Hez free reign over the computer. Minus the all-important DSL cable for her, obviously.

If you really want to talk to me, e-mail manniac1972@hotmail.com. I'll plug in and check there sometimes, coz I have a dialogue going with a friend back in Oregon.

See you dudes on the up-side.
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[04 Oct 2006|05:09pm]
I've got the mother of all colds already this fall, Trillian won't load, and my friends page exploded overnight.

And now I have to go eat Campbell's crappy noodle soup. If I wait for Robert to stew some real stuff I won't get dinner til the middle of the night.

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great way to start rec time! [16 Sep 2006|01:22pm]
[ mood | bleeding mysteriously! ]

Step 1: sign onto internet and Trillian.

Step 2: Tag my girl Sarah who I haven't seen in a week.

Step 3: Look down at typing hands, see blood dripping on K key.

Step 4: Freak out and interrupt greeting my girl for a bleeding PSA.

Step 5: Run to bathroom freaking out more, and yell at hubby to clean keyboard before a kid licks it and gets AIDS or something.

Step 6: Fumble with bandaids and Neosporin because you don't know WTF you cut yourself on.
Step 6b: Discover the "knuckles and fingertips" bandaid package doesn't have any of the illustrated fingertip shapes, just the knuckle. Find it's a bitch to position a plain bandaid on an angle on the pad of your fingertip.

Step 7: Come back with a tangled bandaid that has bits of stick side out and try to type. I'm good at this, actually.

Step 8: Friends list!

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[09 Sep 2006|12:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Why not me too?

My Interests Collage!Collapse )

Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424
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[03 Sep 2006|01:04pm]
If you were worrying about my daughter, relax everybody! She's not hopelessly obsessed with Harry Potter. She has something new and exciting in her hot little hands.

I was babbling at Robert over lunch about how I can rework the uncanonical Bounder I named after him so as to not be as big a jerk this time around. Especially since Robert doesn't go by Bob anymore, so any bad Sir Robert moments will hit closer to home. And because I have a secret feeling that I wasn't missed as much playing the jerk with the scarecrow as i would be if I vanishd with a really groovy vagabond with a scarecrow.

Anyhoo, Hez asked for clarification coz I'm sure it sounded like mom and dad had gone off the deep end this time, but it turns out she remembers when I used to beg her to do tea with her toy collection alone so I could rush through the Onelist pileup in my inbox. :( (Of course, now it's reading books instead of hosting tea parties, but I don't feel quite so bad about it at her age!) And WOOT! She all of a sudden expressed an interest in reading The Scarlet Pimpernel! I mean, the musical is cool, but it is not the book.

Now, I used to screen her books to make sure she wasn't getting any adult or teenage content, and I totally went back into that mode, because I swore there was a scene in Pimpernel where Chauvelin promises Marguerite all sorts of sexual favors if she'll find the Pimpernel for him. Took me til the end of lunch to remember that was my fantasy version, so now Hez has my book and is totally on her way to a new fandom! Leaving behind Nancy Drew and (maybe) Harry Potter, my little girl's growing up!
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[28 Aug 2006|01:14pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Gotta love Murphy's finances, man. I buy Thurs that wand, talk Robert into getting tekka-makki for dinner, and now Thurs has pulled a good handful of pages out of my Bible that I left lying out to remind me of jeni's drabble. I am so mad at myself. The sushi's eaten, the wand's shipped, the rice-paper pages have already made it into Thurs's mouth. This, kids, is called living beyond your means.

ETA: I've discovered the portion melting in her mouth was something I taught earlier this summer, so while my religious reading's going to suffer a setback, I don't immediately need to buy a new book.

In other news, my kid has to be the youngest to ever obey the instinct to stick spitballs on desks.

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sorry I'm filling your friends pages! [27 Aug 2006|04:21pm]
[ mood | giggly ]


I know we've had to talk about your music before. I don't put Rex Smith on anymore. I'm sorry I ever exposed you to that guy.

Lesson 2: "Losing My Religion" is not head-banging music. It's just not. It's what I like to call ghost-pop, because it has that eerie feel around the harmony line. We will be waiting to move onto Lesson 3 that covers real rock, coz baby, I'm afraid you can become a shaken baby even now if I show you something really rocking.

Your mama

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[24 Aug 2006|01:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I must be the only nut in the world who doesn't go completely gaga over baby clothes. I obsess over things I'll still have a use for in 2 months, and let's face it, even if Eli were still with us I wouldn't put him in Thurs's 2T dresses.

But I will admit my judgment is compromised by OMG HARRY POTTER! It would be...totally wrong of me to buy a battery-operated toy the baby will stick in her mouth, wouldn't it? I mean, we're forgoing her real wand until she's older, because we wouldn't want bite marks in the wood, but plastic toy? I'm like, pffft, why not?

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the story! [22 Aug 2006|12:20pm]
[ mood | cool for once this month ]

Yes, this is THE story. The one I wrote Saturday. Maybe it needs cleaned up, but every time I think of it my heart just swells, so I'm going to leave it alone for now.

For you people who haven't read Harry Potter yet, I think I managed to make Luna just amazingly clarified. She's a super-flake, just like me, only better. But I think I covered my ground about the veil without making her out-of-character! Basically there's this room in the basement of the Ministry of Magic that's a link between life and death (one way only!) that the dead whisper out of. My whole idea all along was for Luna to sit around listening to her fictional son, like I'd so like to do. I think it turned out really really well, so here goes!

GatewayCollapse )

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this is a FANTASTIC day!!!! [19 Aug 2006|08:24am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I have a babysitter again, and this afternoon will be The Day. I'm going to finally get out what I've been wanting to write with Luna, the veil and Nemo. I've even started it now, coz Robert's giving Thurs breakfast and Hez is still sitting in bed reading. I'm just too keyed up just for getting it started, that I can't continue just now! It's crazy, coz I was reading some of the veil bits in the book to get in the groove, and I was bawling, but now, a paragraph down, I feel so awesome it's unbelievable! I haven't felt this good since early last month. It's totally the story.

And just coz I've only made a couple random comments and IMs about it, I want everyone to know Nemo has a name now. Liz, you can have your Disney marathons without thinking of my uterus, because my little boy's name is

Elijah ("Eli") Cedric!

Sure, it looks a bit cluttery when you have to spell it out like that, but since paper documents aren't going to mean squat to him, we figure we could go all English Royal family on him and it wouldn't matter. But Elijah Cedric's good enough. Eli.

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[18 Aug 2006|08:41am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

I completely ran out of steam on this issue last night and couldn't think of anything to say, but gawd, what can you say to something like this? A fellow LJ mom, habibekindheart lost her 2 year old son. He was unjustly in foster care and was killed by those people. I can't imagine what that poor lady is going through, it was bad enough losing a child I never got to meet. It's so hideous I can hardly know what to say, but I'm praying God takes care of her and her son.

There are people looking after the mom, now. Here's a Paypal button to contribute to a bereavement gift of buying a star, and a link to a quilting bee for mama if you're poor like me (not to mention suspended by Paypal), not to mention news links about this outrage, and a picture of that adorable little boy.

In other news (or maybe because of it) I'm totally wiped out and I'm looking for a timeout this weekend.

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my baby's reading! [08 Aug 2006|02:01pm]
I can't get her to do the sign for book, or say "book," or anything that might get a book put into her little hands, but dude, she just cracked open my Bible (literally cracked, as in, she was trying so hard to pull it open she broke the spine!) and started reading me (*checks*) Jeremiah.

OK, so she's reading me verses like "Horz kiss a mama dodo gurble bay wed!", and I'm pretty sure the Bible had nicer names for whores and didn't perform explicit acts like gurbling a dodo mama, but it's so much fun to lissten to, and leaves me hands-free that much longer. She's a crack-up.
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book meme and more emo [05 Aug 2006|01:09pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

1.Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5.Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

The closest thing was... I Never Held You by Ellen M Dubois. I've barely started it, but I notice by skipping to p.123 I just have a totally unrelatable situation.

"People tend to blame God when things go wrong. I know I did--and it was tough for me to admit. I knew better; yet, something inside of me was holding onto the thought that God could have prevented my miscarriage. It was only after a great deal of time passed that I realized there's a reason for everything, even things that hurt deeply."

I just can't relate. There are times when it feels like I'm sitting in a dungeon without God and without Nemo, but what's happening is, I'm blaming myself for telling God I can't handle another baby. He listened to me,so I don't have Nemo, and that's not God's fault, it's mine for asking.

I'm just having trouble relating to the reading material that's out there. There was this "stories of miscarriage" book where so many of the essays sounded so emotionally distant, like they were writing about something they saw on ER, and this was called such a heartfelt book by reviewers. Reading stuff where the feeling of being so raw and vulnerable is delegated to be a million miles away just makes me feel more isolated, because I'm feeling that raw now! For goodness sake, one of those essays claimed it was the 1-month anniversary since her miscarriage. I can't imagine talking so easily about Nemo in,what, a week before it's the 1-month? I keep trying to write a semi-fictional thing (like The Bell Jar) with Luna in the Dept of ???? "death chamber" but getting too frustrated because trying to set up the story by explaining why the archway's hidden that way, I'm becoming too distant from my point about hearing Nemo to handle. I'm not ready to as distant as the woman in the book.

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[31 Jul 2006|01:08am]
I sort of missed my chance to make a big deal about it, but hey, my next goal is emerald.

I just kind of wish I could go ahead and cram those 6 more months to emerald into this one awful insomniac night, coz I'm running out of things to do.

Hey, I just realized what day it is, now it's after midnight. Happy 26th birthday to Harry Potter, assuming you weren't the loser on that prophecy thing, once Jo gets to writing it.
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[26 Jul 2006|12:28pm]
Crazy memeCollapse )
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[11 Jul 2006|12:15pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

My house is quiet, my responsibilities are gone or asleep, and I feel like shit. My moods are all over the place.

Tomorrow better bring good news. 11:00, OB appt. 12:00 (or whenever), Mickey_Devil's lunch to celebrate finding Nemo.

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[10 Jul 2006|12:29pm]
museteasers is going again! It's so awesome. Today's prompt ("saddle up!") let me explain to myself how Gilderoy could have played Seeker without damaging his pretty face.

crossposted here coz the post is locked, coz my fellow museseekers demanded copyright protection for their drabblesCollapse )

Writing this, and reading the other drabbles (everything from western erotica to describing children playing make-beleive) has made me feel so good, I think I'm going to just leave now with this happy feeling to take into my real-life day, and catch up on my friends tongiht. No offense, but reading the list's been making me kind of tense lately. I hope I'll be cured of that Wednesday or so.
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[05 Jul 2006|10:56pm]
My catch-up efforts are ending now.

I just wanna record this before I die for the night:

Thursday WALKED! This morning, I was sitting in the play area reading Mothering, and Hez goes "DUDE!" and I look up and see Thurs actually ON HER FEET! instead of her knees. She toddled a few steps toward me, then sat down and wouldnt' play "come to mommy." And she was wearing the cutest littl soft-soled sandals I can't even find a picture of online. Least I can save 'em for sentimental reasons now! Bless her little shod walking feet!
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[01 Jul 2006|11:42pm]
weird quizzesCollapse )
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